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New Direction & Art Inspiration

The new year brings a new body of work and a new direction for me . My new works are based on life’s imperfections and how it all relates back to beauty. Life is so imperfect but there is that magic in how it all comes together.

My art style is composition of imperfection and how to embrace it , rather than question it. And at the end, you look at it, and see beauty through it all. My style is heavily influenced by mid century modern and I love minimalism,simplicity, clean negative space.

A little background story :

I have always painted, and I’m captivated by good design, I love working with colour. I began painting when I was in high school, In my mid life I started painting more but it wasn’t until my late 40's that I sold my first piece, (out side of family and friends )when that happened I was amazed and excited! The painting sold to another artist, this bolstered not only my confidence, but also solidified my desire to pursue art as a career. Knowing that a collector is willing to spend his/her hard earned income on my work encourages me to increase productivity, work harder, longer, and raise my skills to a higher level.

​Thanks for reading and following along on my journey,


Tana Lynn

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