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Creative Musings

As I write this I’m sitting on my deck in the early morning overlooking the water in False Creek Vancouver B.C Canada.

There is something magical about this place. There is no doubt it’s beautiful. But beautiful places abound. It’s the energy of these mountains and this city that inspires me.

It get’s my creative juices flowing and the urge to create bubbles up inside of me. It's weird to say, but I can feel it .. in my core ,,, my cells.

As artists I think we frequently wonder about the origin of a good idea. We want to know where creativity comes from in others, how it comes about because if we can just follow the same steps, we just might also get a successful result.

I know as a visual artist I yearn to make paintings that communicate emotions, not just facts. I want to make art that has a means of communicating things about myself that may have little to do with the objects or the subjects portrayed in the work.

Water is an element in to my creativity,,,,

Water. It’s our most precious resource. We come from it and contain it. It cleanses us and sustains us.

Water speaks to me.

Water is emotion and I constantly find myself returning again and again to including the element of water in my work, whether it’s a lake , the ocean, rain a pond, or the falling snow. I find it all encompassing and it for me is the fluid that nourishes and protects us even before we are born . It's mysterious.......

Photograph by Wallace Barber Photography.

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