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As Another Year Passes.....

Holiday Greetings what a year it has been! Amidst all the bustle of the season, I'm taking this moment to thank every one of you for supporting my art this year - either by purchasing a piece of my artwork, attending one of my workshops, or by following my journey and being a cheerleader through social media. I am so grateful for your support!

Happy Holidays!


Tana Lynn

Upcoming Workshops At The Studio

I would love to see you at the next workshop where we will play with paint, stencils,paper and more in several different types of mixed media workshops that start January 6th ( all tickets available on Eventbrite and on my website ) , I will be adding Encaustic wax workshops and more in 2019 so stay tuned to find out the details or make sure to sign up to my page.

And again THANK YOU !! For your support this year in all that I have done . I can't tell you how much it helps when you have your friends behind you as an artist !

Merry Christmas ,

Happy Holidays,

Big love from me ,

Tana Lynn

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