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International Art Fairs

On with the show. To my pleasant surprise, there was a constant flow of people throughout the 3 days, we had some quieter moments on the Friday due to rain but for the most part there was someone checking out my work on a constant basis for the 3 days.

I met people from all walks of life and received many compliments and interesting comments. Some friends & coworkers filtered in throughout the days. It was nice to see a familiar face every now and then amongst the droves of new ones. I ended up selling 5 Pieces, none of which I could retire on, but I was pleased with that amount for my first international show. "Birch Trees" was the most popular painting & the 2nd to sell , followed by ‘The Blue Realm" which was purchased by a fellow artist which to me is huge compliment!

Many were very intrigued to learn what encaustic painting was and were excited when I told them they were free to touch & feel the smoothness & the texture. ( I know its sounds crazy one normally does not touch a painting !!! but due to the fact that mine are made with wax the oils from a finger tip can be buffed right off & no damage at all ) . All in all it was an amazing expierince & I will definitly participate in #Art!Vancouver again in the future !

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