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Hello 2018 !

As I sit and reflect on 2017 my head spins as I analyze my year, there are simply no boundaries and limits to what an artist can do. We pour out our emotions and feelings on canvas and these emotions can be understood by those admiring their creations. This is how we communicate, our way of expression and interpretation of life.

I started 2017 thinking I would just try to participate in 1 art show and see what happened. It was a ride to say the least. Standing there beside my work I felt like I was naked , my inner voice screamed "HOLY CRAP now I have to explain what was in my head when I was creating these ". Not once did I even think that part through. I learned so much ,,,

I actually liked it, I realized its easy to chat about your passions with someone who is interested in what you have created .

So here I am one year later , 6 shows in and my 2018 is already booked up with shows till December , its crazy where a year can take you and how much your art and confidence can

grow . So on that note I would like to share my show schedule with you for those who might like to follow along on my journey and see where it takes me this year !

Pancakes and Booze February 1 Fortune Sound Club

Off The Rail February 5 Off The Rail Brewing

Art ! Vancouver April 19,20,21,22 Van. Conv. Centre

Art In The City May 4,5,6 West End Com. Centre

Abstract Realism July 6 - Aug 18 City Square Com. Art Space

Eastside Culture Crawl Nov. 15,16,17,18 Studio 580

I look forward to seeing you this year !

Tana Lynn

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