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New Beginnings

I do believe that uncertainty is a vital part of making art. Starting something new, how are we to know what will come of it? “Is it going to work? Where will it lead? Will it be crap? Why am I even doing this?…” That is the sort of thinking that tends to take over when I start new things. It’s a vulnerable feeling. But here’s the thing: without risk and exploration, things go stale. Art requires movement. It requires progression. It requires risk. It requires action.

As I sit at a stand still waiting to move in to my new studio space I feel like I am against a wall with no where to move, So I choose to take some actions to create flow and new ideas towards my body of work on landscapes.

Recently I received a digital camera as a gift and I finally feel some freedom of movement for ideas & inspiration . Wally (my partner in crime ) and I depart on a road trip tomorrow through the beautiful landscapes of British Columbia & I can't wait to take photos for new inspiration. September and October will be full of new art work as I get ready for the Eastside Culture Crawl !

My next post I will share some pictures of our adventure, and my quandaries of learning to use a digital camera.

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Thanks for reading ,

Tana Lynn

Photo credit  Wallace Barber Photography

Photo Credit Wallace Barber Photography

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