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Adding Original Art In The Workplace

Reduces Stress, Increases Productivity, and Boosts Morale Regardless of how enjoyable a job may be, there will always be stressful days, weeks, or even months. By incorporating art into the workplace environment, which has the power to create an emotional aura, stress levels in employees as well as customers/visitors will decrease as a result. The contemplative aspects of thought-provoking artworks have a calming quality which reduces the stresses work can cause. A Survey of 100 companies and more than 800 workers concludes that 78% of employees agree that art in the workplace reduces stress, and 64% agree that in turn, it increases productivity. As a reflection of stress reduction, the morale of the environment and its visitors will also improve. 67% of employees agree that art in workplace surroundings enhances morale of the company. When the work space is a positive atmosphere, employees will be more comfortable which will reflect the success of the business as well as improve client experience.

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