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Oil Painting

Where to Learn About Oil Painting

Have you ever wanted to take up oil painting? Do you have a pull to do something artistic? Here are a few tips to help you learn more about oil painting in your local area.

  • Talk to an Artist - Find an artist who is practiced in oil painting. Maybe he or she offers classes or know someone who does.

  • Check out the LIbrary - Here in Vancouver, BC, Canada the local library is a great resource for learning about nearly everything. Talk to the research desk and find out if there are any books or maybe free classes you could take.

  • Get on YouTube - YouTube is a great resource for learning about anything crafty. You’ll find great videos that will lead you step by step through the bases of this new and exciting skill.

  • Check Craft or Art Stores - Your local craft or art store may have some ideas for you. At the very least, this is a great place to purchase the materials you need.

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