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Encaustic Wax

What is Encaustic Wax Art?

There are many different styles of art--including basic drawing and painting. However, one you may not be quite as familiar with is Encaustic Wax Art. What is that and what can be accomplished in this medium?

Encaustic Wax Art is sometimes called hot wax art. This name is a bit more descriptive of what you can expect from this medium. The artist uses hot wax to “paint” the canvas and create a piece of art that is vibrant, unique and appealing. The wax is long-lasting and so the art will be something that can be treasured for years to come.

Nearly any type of image can be created with encaustic wax--assuming the artist is comfortable creating it. If you find a local artist comfortable with this medium, just sit down with him or her and explain exactly what it is you’re looking for and you may be surprised what can be made!

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