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Encaustic Art

Finding an Expert in Encaustic Art

If you’re interested in encaustic art and how it can be used to give your home or office personality and sparkle that regular paintings cannot, you may wonder--how do I find an expert? Here are a few tips.

  • Google It - Use Google but make sure to add local keywords so you find a local artist. For example, check out the results for Encaustic Art in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

  • Read Reviews - Before you work with any artist, check out his or her reviews to make sure others have been pleased with the work that was completed.

  • Ask Other Artists - Do you know any local artists that work in another medium? They may have a connection for you that has been vetted.

  • Look at Examples - Any professional in any medium, including encaustic wax, should have examples of previous work they have completed. This is an important decision making factor for you to consider.

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