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Studio : 580 Clark Drive Vancouver, BC, Canada

©2017 by Artist Tana Lynn

Acrylic Painting

Basics of Acrylic Painting

Unlike many other art skills, acrylic painting is something that nearly everyone can do. It just takes a little trial and error and patience and you could create a piece of art that will impress your friends and family and could even become an heirloom.

First, start with the right canvas. A “real” canvas is superior to paper. You’ll be able to create a piece of art that will stand up to being hung and the paint sets much better on this surface.

When you start painting, dip lightly. Having too much paint on your brush could be one of the most serious problems you face and your results will never be as good.

Finally, don’t be afraid of painting. You can always try again if you don’t think the results are perfect the first time. Much of the fun is in the journey, so to speak, so have fun with it.